Schedule Appointment

Scheduling Details:

This scheduling tool is meant to be used for appointments on the AlterG treadmill only. For all other appointments please call 770-992-4001.

When scheduling for the treadmill, please note that you should receive verification of the appointment in your inbox soon after scheduling. If you do not receive verification, please call us.

The AlterG can only be reserved in 30-minute increments or less, unless approval is obtained for longer appointments.

Cost of AlterG training:

Monthly Membership: $150 (includes 3 x 30 minutes per weeks, a $300 value!)*

  • 1 hour: $45
  • 15-30 minutes: $25
  • Less than 15 minutes: $1 per minute

*Note: 3 x 30 minutes can be combined for a longer run.

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